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15 yr fixed -- 4.25
30 yr fixed -- 5.06
5/1 ARM -- 3.38

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Lowest home mortgage rates


Those who want upsize or downsize the home and those who want to go in for a new home will like to know about the possible ways of getting the mortgage loan with lowest interest rate. There are number of factors which determine the interest rates which are the reason for the difficulty in knowing the best interest rate.

There is little suggestion for those looking to get lowest possible interest rate for mortgage loan. Let’s discuss about it here.

Understanding how rates are determined

The mortgage interest rates are not determined by any individual bank or person. Treasury note yield determines the average fixed rates and fed fund rates determines the average variable rates.

Getting sense for where the rates are today in comparison with historical rate

One should start the journey towards the lowest possible interest based on the current interest rate for the preferred period [20 years, 30 years and 40 years –fixed rate] instead of speculating based on the past trend.

Getting a nose for sniffing out best rates

One should become good researcher. Study the mortgage lenders website thoroughly. At first all the site will look more or less similarly. But a closer study will bring out the fact that few lenders are open for negotiations. You should start your business negotiations with them. The lender may not be your existing bank and the financial institution may be something else.

Making a list of low interest mortgage loan lenders

Have the habit of making the list of mortgage money lenders at lowest interest rate and record them is suitable order. One should have at least seven to ten lenders in the list. Start the discussion one after another till you find the right person.

Applying to five lenders at least

After selecting the top five mortgage money lenders at lowest interest rates, start the application process. Negotiate with each one of them. You are sure to find the one who will yield to your bargaining skills and offer lowest interest rate. The person who follows the suggestions listed and discussed will be benefited for sure.

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